TAKE5_circleAn effective frontline risk assessment tool should be easy, simple to use and include targeted questions to help you identify hazards. Introducing the Pertrain Take 5 …

Over the years our clients have asked us to create various informal risk assessment tools similar to the TAKE 5 and HAZOB.  From simple black and white stapled booklets to full colour multi-layered combination booklets encased in protective wallets.

Some examples of the tools Pertrain has been asked to develop, design and print are: 

  • SLAM (Stop, Look, Assess, Manage)
  • SAM (Stop, Assess, Manage)
  • STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review)
  • Step-backs
  • Safety Observations
  • SafeCheck
  • Site Safety Assessments
  • Hazard Reports

With this experience, Pertrain has developed generic TAKE 5 and HAZOB risk assessment books which have proven to suit most industries and work sites.  Pertrain can easily customise these risk assessment tools to suit your organisation’s needs.

Although the questions and format might vary, the underlying purpose for all risk assessment tools remains the same – to keep you safe.

How to use TAKE5

Watch this ‘How-to Guide’ on using TAKE 5